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News, Information and Advice: 20th of April 2014

How to write articles which don't suck

By now I think it's safe to say that the word is out. It's no longer a secret and everybody seems to have figured out the lay of the land: Google loves websites which contain new and original written articles!

So, with this in mind, it's no surprise to discover that tonnes of site owners are trying desperately to get to the top of Google by writing lots and lots of articles. Bad articles. Over the years I have tried and tested just about every article writing service and software package that you can think of. I've tried iWriter and Fiverr as well as some of the more expensive article writing services. My shocking conclusion is that I can't find anyone who is doing it right!

The biggest mistake which article writers make when they're writing for the web is this:

They keep defining stuff (aargggghhh!!!)

Here's what I mean. Let's imagine that you've just been hired to write an article for some website. Perhaps the website owner wants to get a high ranking on Google and to achieve this, they'd like some articles to their website. There's nothing wrong with that, by the way.

Now, let's imagine that the website in question happens to be a car insurance website. What the vast majority of article writers will do is they'll define car insurance - over and over again. So, the end result might look something like this:

"Car insurance is a type of insurance that you need to have if you wish to legally drive a car in the UK. There are lots of different types of car insurance. These different types of car insurance have names like 'third party' and 'full cover'..."

Pretty awful right? No sane human being would ever want to read something like that. This is a kind of article writing which is - in my opinion - disrespectful to living and breathing website visitors. It's also a kind of article writing which could potentially get you black listed from Google, if you get found out.

The reason why most article writers keep defining things is because they are clueless. However, please do allow me to give you a slightly more graceful explanation of what's going on. Subjects like car insurance are, for most people, boring. Even with the best intentions in the world, it's very difficult to write about something which most people find totally uninteresting. So, when you have nothing to say the only thing left to do is to define the thing that you're supposed to be discussing. Also, in doing so, this gives the article writer an opportunity to cram in lots of target keywords (it's easy to say "car insurance" over and over again, if you're defining car insurance).

Here's how to you write articles which don't suck

If you are genuinely interested in the subject that you're writing about then you probably don't need advice from me. Your words will flow easily and your content will probably be quite good. However, if you are writing about something less exotic (like car insurance, for example) then your best strategy is to make your articles topical.

Topical means relating to current events. For us it means, make your articles like news stories. So, if you need to write an article about (boring!) car insurance, then a good starting point would be to ask yourself the question:

"Has anything happened in the news recently which is related to car insurance?"

If you think that the answer is no then you haven't looked hard enough. Look around the web. Do some research. It's not difficult. All you need is a search engine!

I've just ran a search (yes, just that minute!) and discovered that one in ten UK motorists don't realise that car insurance is compulsory. I've also discovered a tonne of new government regulations and even a story about how a guy's car insurance when through the roof after he was spotted with Gwyneth Paltrow in the passenger seat!

The point is, there's always something interesting to say about any topic, provided you take a few moments to do your own research. So stop defining things, be topical, be controversial and have fun writing articles which don't suck!


Remarkable Marketing

Monday 31st of March 2014

How to write articles which don't suck

Monday 31st of March 2014

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